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Title: Shh!
Author: kinkme
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Chekov/Sulu
Summary: I hope no one minds, but I totally couldn't get the idea of the Chekov and Sulu totally-do-it-in-the-movies idea from the EPIC HIGH SCHOOL AU POST [relevent bit] out of my head so I, er, wrote it. I played Sulu in that particular part, but have no idea who played Chekov so, you know, he/she could be co-inspirer. OH, ANONYMOUS, YOU CRAZY PEOPLE. I LOVE ALL YOU BBS ♥

Hikaru runs his credits past the cashier and picks up the two packets of popcorn, rolling his eyes at Pavel who is sucking hungrily at a blue slushie. Pavel smiles around the straw, not offering to carry one of them pointedly. They move swiftly out of the line as the fellow customers budge up, Pavel taking a quick look around the lobby. It's dark blue and warm, the box office to the side, manned by two disinterested teenagers.

"You're going to get a brain freeze if you drink that too fast. No, wait-" Hikaru stops himself, smiling. "Let me guess. You're Russian and therefore immune to the cold?"

Pavel grins. "You know me too well, Hikaru. I have already drunk half of it with no ill effects."

Pavel holds out the see-through container with a sense of pride, allowing Hikaru to see before returning his lips around the bending straw.

Hikaru wrinkles his nose. "You're going to be one of those people who finishes their snacks before the titles start, aren't you?"

They join the line and Hikaru shifts the popcorn to one arm, allowing access to the wallet in his back pocket. He pulls it out and grabs his ID card with a swift demonstration of dexterity. Pavel leans on the crimson robed barrier and looks thoughtfully at his boyfriend. Hikaru catches his eyes and furrows his brow.


"You," Pavel smiles, as if that explained everything.

"Don't look at me like that." Hikaru quirks his lips into a smile. "You're making me feel... nervous."

"Like I am going to hurt you?" Pavel asks, teasingly.

Hikaru coughs and forces Pavel's salt popcorn into his hand. He takes it, holding the slushie in one hand and still sucking attentively on the straw. Hikaru moves his sugared popcorn into his hands, absentmindedly chucking a few pieces into his open mouth.

"With your Russian anger," Hikaru says through a mouthful of popcorn.

Pavel narrows his eyes and scowls good-naturedly, knowing that there are a few people in the world who could get away with even half-insulting his country and Hikaru, luckily, is one of them. They reach the front of the line, Pavel leaning on the desk and looking up at the board of film times and names. Hikaru had already decided on one. A classic, apparently, although Pavel had never heard of it.

Hikaru hands his card to the cashier and points at the time in glowing letters. "Two for Terminator."

The cashier doesn't bother to reply, swiping the card and chewing lazily on his gum. Pavel thinks it's very rude but doesn't mention it. He had found out that, in America, people tended to take exception at the slightest disparagement. He doesn't want to be involved in another incident. Especially not with Hikaru around.

Hikaru snaps the tickets from the dispenser and thanks the cashier politely. They walk in step towards the screens, Pavel reaching over to take his ticket from Hikaru's hand and reading the screen number.

By the time they reach the theater, Pavel is almost finished with his drink, the slurping echoing around the plastic container as he tries to suck out the last drops. The theater is already dark and running the commercials. Hikaru shoots him a glare at the sound and Pavel tries to look as innocent as possible, giving up on the drink and sticking out his tongue.

"Blue," Hikaru whispers into his ear as they start to walk up the stairs, the green lighting leading the way.

Pavel doesn't know what he means until Hikaru sticks out his own tongue. Pavel crosses his eyes and looks down, sticking his tongue out further. In the darkness he can't see the color, and furrows his eyes. In the middle of the investigation, he misses his footing and stumbles, letting out a yelp before he can stop himself.

"Shh!" someone in the audience hushes.

Pavel feels a light blush run to his face and is suddenly glad it is so dark. Hikaru stops for a second to make sure Pavel is okay, which makes him even more embarrassed. Hikaru shakes his head fondly and offered a hand, which Pavel refuses out of pride. They walk to the empty back row, Hikaru moving out of the way to allow Pavel to cross him.

They slump into the middle seats, Hikaru kicking his feet over a chair in front. Pavel puts his empty cup on the sticky floor and starts on his popcorn, chewing happily. The commercials were running thick and slow. Pavel finds commercials boring and looks across to say so to Hikaru, but he's looking enthralled at the screen. Pavel smirks and leans towards his ear.

"Is just commercials."

"It's part of the experience," Hikaru retaliates, running the word out at length. "Otherwise we could just watch the film at home."

"With your sisters?"

Hikaru moves his eyes from the screen to visually shudder. "God no. They'd make us watch High School Musical Nine or Twilight."

"I like the High School Musicals," Pavel replies offhandedly, leaning back in his padded chair and suddenly taking great interest in the current commercial for Interstellar Hovercar Wash.

Hikaru scopes him, flinching a smile. "I can never tell if you're being serious or not, Pav."

"Is my charm," Pavel smiles.


Pavel stops and looks through the mostly empty seats for the disgruntled person. Hikaru seems to have already found him, standing up with a handful of popcorn and picking a piece out. Pavel realises what he is going to do seconds before he moves his hand back and grabs his boyfriend around his waist, pulling him back down and into his seat.

"Hikaru!" Pavel scolds, whispering low.

"Deserves it," Hikaru whispers back.

They are silent as the movie begins, Pavel cautiously eating and keeping an eye on the man in the first three rows. The movie rolls into its beginning, Pavel trying to concentrate but finding Hikaru's arm on their neighbouring rest decidedly distracting. As if he noticed, Hikaru leans across, throwing a piece of popcorn into his mouth.

"Were those messages you being charming?" he whispers.

Pavel can't see his smirk in the darkness, but he hears it well enough.

"What?" he asks, knowing exactly what he meant.

"Those messages you sent me," Hikaru goes for his leather jacket and pulls out his PADD, the screen lighting up the cinema distractedly. Pavel wants to rebuke him for it, cautious not to annoy the man any further, but feels it catch in his throat as Hikaru starts to read his words tauntingly. "In Russia, when we go to the cinema on a date it is to sit at the back and kiss and touch each other and maybe do more than that if the film is loud. I hope Americans do not do things too differently. Right?"

"Y-yes." Pavel shoves popcorn into his mouth to hide his nerves, avoiding Hikaru's eyes. "I am braver to say things when we are messaging."

Hikaru snorts, returning the PADD to his jacket. "Oh. So you don't want to?"

"To?" Pavel asks, swallowing.

Hikaru doesn't reply. Pavel thinks that he has whispered too quietly for a moment, but then feels the arm on the rest gently feel down his side and grab his free hand. Pavel gently intertwines their fingers and looks across at Hikaru's face. It's dark, but he can see the interested look in his eyes. Pavel licks his lips and leans forward, Hikaru following suit.

They kiss gently and cautiously, Pavel hideously aware of the man in the third row and the gentle noise that unintentionally escaped when he kissed his boyfriend. Hikaru's lips gently open, whether to breathe or to further the kiss unclear, but Pavel takes the opportunity to gently flick his tongue out, testing with homely familiarity. Hikaru's breath hitches and Pavel lets out a small happy sigh.

"More?" Hikaru asks, breathing the word into Pavel's mouth.

"Da, da," Pavel asks, forgetting Standard for a moment. "I mean, yes. Yes."

Pavel feels one of Hikaru's hesitant hands reach up and feel into the back of his shirt - Hikaru's black ACDC shirt which he had let him borrow. Pavel remembers in that moment how he was supposed to ask Hikaru why he cared so much about alternating and direct current to put it on a shirt, but realises that his mind is wandering. Hikaru pulls him closer and slightly up. Pavel's lips catch on Hikaru's upper lip and kisses it lightly, opening his eyes to see Hikaru's dark pupils as dilated as he had ever seen them.

Hikaru opens his mouth and breaks the kiss, about to say something. Pavel places a finger on his lips before he can.

"Shh," Pavel mocks, smiling a little.

They kiss a little harder, Hikaru running an experimental tongue across Pavel's teeth. Pavel thinks that the way they kiss is like a continual experimentation, both parties trying to find out exactly what the other wanted just from sly changes in pulse or altering breath. Pavel smiles at this, very glad that Hikaru can't read his thoughts. He doesn't want him to know the way he thinks, like everything is a continual theory. Pavel runs a hand into Hikaru's dark hair, one of his quiet obsessions. Hikaru pulls them even closer as Pavel gently tugs, getting Hikaru to open his mouth more to allow the kiss to deepen. Hikaru's mouth is hot and stained with the sickly sweet popcorn that Pavel hates, but in Hikaru's mouth it tastes like Nirvana.

"Fuck," Hikaru hisses, moving his lower body.

Pavel hates the armrest between them, putting out an experimental hand to see if there was a catch or a something to move it out the way. It's hard, Hikaru doing his best to kiss any sensible thought out of his mind and make him come apart with his undeniably talented tongue. Pavel finds nothing, but hadn't really expected it to be there. Movie theaters weren't made for teenage makeouts. They were just a coincidental process that had to adapt to any situation. Pavel moves over the armrest, kicking a foot out into the air to get more purchase on the seating arrangement. The kiss is a mess of tongue and teeth, desperation cutting over any precision they could have achieved if they were actually trying.

Pavel feels both his hands into Hikaru's hair and leans across, pushing Hikaru back into his chair and running his own chest over the armrest in desperation to get some friction. Pavel realises after his chest tightens that he's half-hard. For once, he's not ashamed, as he's sure from Hikaru's labouring breaths that he's in the same state. Pavel feels Hikaru move one of his hands downwards and between them, running achingly slowly over the crotch of his jeans in a maddeningly slow way. Pavel bites down on his lip, hard, trying not to moan and annoy the man in the third row.

"Like that?" Hikaru asks, teasingly.

Pavel isn't able to speak, Russian or Standard escaping him. Instead, he nods frantically, breaking Hikaru's lips apart and sticking his warming blue tongue into the hot cavern of his mouth. Hikaru starts to rub harder, pushing down and running his fingers into the fabric. Pavel isn't sure he can cope with much more, his dick harder than he ever felt possible before he met Hikaru. Pavel feels the heat of the blush on his face, and realises he had moved from leaning somewhere along the way and is now fully straddling his boyfriend.

Pavel reaches his hands down between them, grabbing hold of Hikaru's hand and thick fingers. Pavel loves every part of Hikaru's body, still slightly shocked that the captain of the fencing squad wants him, but adores his hands. They're brittle and scarred with cuts, but he gently runs his own fingertips over Hikaru's fingers, taking them upwards and sucking gently on the middle one. Hikaru chokes back a moan as he does, Pavel pushing his body down and grinding over Hikaru's lap with a smirk.

"You bastard," Hikaru whispers, leaning back.

Pavel's learnt lots of ways to utterly destroy Hikaru's senses in the small time they've been together and only three are actually possible in the space they have. Hikaru's fingers are sweet with the popcorn, Pavel licking a line up the gap between his third and forth finger, his tongue dipping into the tiny scar from when McKenna got a bit too carried away with disarming. Pavel chuckles lowly and leans into Hikaru's ear, the smell of fruity shampoo catching in his nose.

"Is my charm," Pavel whispers, reaching a hand down to rub over the tent in Hikaru's pants.

"You're going to make me come," Hikaru warns, feeling his mouth back over Pavel's and licking his lips, kissing hotly.

"That is the point," Pavel replies, his voice shaking as Hikaru's fingers feel for his own dick.

"Be a hell of a - Jesus - job to explain why we're - fuck, there - walking out bowlegged," Hikaru squeezes out the words in between hot gasps of breath into Pavel's mouth, their lips crashing together obscenely.

Pavel feels Hikaru reach for his zipper and yank it down. The noise is loud and obvious and they halt, startled. They wait in suspended silence for the man in the third row to hush them, or for the lights to go on and expose them for what they're doing. After the longest three seconds of Pavel's life, none of that happens. Hikaru feels his fingers into Pavel's boxers and runs skin against hot skin.

Pavel groans into Hikaru's mouth, Hikaru swallowing the sound. Pavel's fingers spasm and he loses sense as Hikaru wraps a hand around his leaking dick, running a thumb over the slit and pulsing his fingers.

"Oh, oh, oh," Pavel whines, rolling his eyes and leaning backwards.

"You want that?" Hikaru asks, using his other hand to pull Pavel in, putting his head over his shoulder. "Harder?"

"Please, fuck, Hikaru," Pavel hisses into Hikaru's ear, forgetting to care about the third row or the movie.

He can feel his stomach clench as Hikaru pumps him slowly, letting out a hitch of breath every time he reaches his head with his long, thick fingers. Pavel feels the circular swim of heat in his stomach and hopes, almost to the point of praying, that soon he'll be old enough for Hikaru to fuck him, hard and without hesitation, because he knows three more years without it would destroy him.

Hikaru's pushing his achingly hard cock up against Pavel's flat hands, Pavel palming through the fabric as he tries to concentrate and bury the slow build of orgasm which is bubbling up to meet him. Pavel bites into Hikaru's shoulder, thing number two to destroy his boyfriend, and isn't surprised when Hikaru stopped his movement for a second going suddenly silent. Pavel uses the break to flip open Hikaru's belt and feel his hand into his pants, Hikaru's heavy length in his hand in seconds.

"You're such a devious slut," Hikaru whispers the words into Pavel's ear, Pavel finding them more of a turn on than the thick fingers resuming their rhythmic friction. "Innocent my ass. Fuck, if Jim knew what you were like I never would have got you."

"You did," Pavel whispers, moving away from his shoulders and pushing his tongue back into Hikaru's open mouth, moaning quietly as he feels his body clench. "All yours, Hikaru, all yours."

He's not sure if Hikaru can hear him, but the tone is comforting enough. Only close to orgasm does Hikaru reveal his insecurities and Jim Kirk is a big one. Pavel doesn't have time to concentrate on how best to soothe his boyfriend because he feels Hikaru clasp around his dick and swipe down, hard, and it's the final break. It pushes him over the edge, pushing his teeth so hard into the skin of his bottom lip that it starts to bleed, the metallic taste melting in with the stars he suddenly sees in front of his eyes.

Pavel waits until he can see before jerking his slender fingers down Hikaru's hard and leaking cock and enacting number three, running his lips close to Hikaru's left ear and lapping at the skin just below. Hikaru gasps in pointless protest and comes, spilling into Pavel's hand.

Their breathing slows and they swallow awkwardly as the heat haze lifts. Pavel finds himself able to see, a hot blush running over his face as he realise what they're going to look like when they walk out. He lifts off Hikaru's lap, zipping up his pants and sitting in his seat, grimacing. Hikaru's softly laughing and Pavel shoots him a disgusted look.

"What did you expect?" Hikaru replies, sticking his tongue out at the state of his shirt.

Pavel flexes his fingers and shakes his head, Hikaru leaning down to grab at something in his jacket. He throws a wad of tissues at Pavel who gratefully starts to rub the evidence of their teenage fumble out of Hikaru's black shirt. Hikaru does the same, looking up at the screen and breathing heavily as he rubs everything off his hands.

"Fuck," Hikaru swears. Pavel knows he isn't really annoyed, because it's not in Spanish. Another one of Hikaru's idioms Pavel has picked up. "We missed half the movie."

Pavel chuckles because he's sure Hikaru's seen The Terminator at least five times. He drops the tissues onto the floor with a slight thought for the poor cleaner, and leans on Hikaru's arm, sighing. He's sated and happy, and feels the rush of love he always does after Hikaru and his misguided attempts. Hikaru puts an arm around Pavel's shoulders and shakes his head.

Pavel frowns as he looks at the screen, taking a handful out of his popcorn container and throwing it into his mouth.

"Who's that?" Pavel asks, a little too loud.

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  • Pavel Andreievich Chekov would like you to know that

    Нижнее белье с космическими кораблями на нем была изобретена в России. I miss you guys...

  • Anyone interested?

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  • Desperate Bubbles is Desperate.

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