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Mod shack, baby, mod shack.

Hey guys!
Sorry to mod at you, I'm still getting used to abusing having power.

I love the sheer amount of crack we're all churning out, but I finally got around to writing some rules, and though they're in the profile, I thought I'd let you guys know.

A few things above the cut:
-Tags! We have a "round robin" tag to indicate if you want people to join in. I love to read epistles as much as I like to play them, so I'd love to see people posting their favorite epistolary fics and such. If you're going to do this, be sure to tag it as "rec" or "just sharing" or something. These tags don't exist yet, but if you're not trying to start playing, let us know.
-There was a request to make the alt.gossip.enterprise a recurring thing, and I think it's a great idea; our own little weekly soap opera. (As the Warp Core Turns!) I should be putting up the post on Sunday night or Monday with a recap of the previous week.
-This is my mod icon, you should all love it.
-As always, if you have questions or comments or just want to tell me what kind of underwear you're wearing, leave a comment or PM me.

1. Anyone can join, anyone can participate. Play nice. Nasty, rude or offensive comments will be deleted and will lead to IP logging so I can kick your ass out. The definitions of nasty, rude and offensive are at _samalander's discretion.
1a. PLEASE BE AWARE that this is sometimes going to be an R-rated comm. If you're offended by sex, talking about sex, joking about sex, sex toys, gay people or any other sundry thing people get all uptight about, you might not want to join.

2. When playing in a story, anonymity is preferred. If you need help doing that, ask.

3. When/if something makes you giggle so hard you snort and you need to tell the person, please post your comment as you. Being signed in indicates that you are not part of the story, and people can skip the comment if they want to.

4. If you want to complain, please do so in email or PM _samalander. I will do my very best to address complaints as they come in. I will also address compliments, bribes and fawning declarations of love.

5. Suggestions and questions are very, very welcome. Leave me a comment here and I'll do my best to respond to it in a timely manner.

6. Have a favorite epistle you want to share? Want help writing one? Well, jump in! If you're posting a fic, please put it behind a cut. And use an appropriate tag. Don't know what that is? Check out our tag cloud or ask. We don't bite. On the first date.

7.(Added 9/24/10) Please do not discuss the acquiring of pirated media in the comm. Doing so will result in a warning for a first offense, and a one-week ban for continued infraction.
Tags: mod post, rules

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