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Five Times Mia Colt Told Number One News About Pike, and One Time Number One Told Mia Instead

Fic: Five Times Mia Colt Told Number One News About Pike, and One Time Number One Told Mia Instead
Author: captlebubbles
Fandom: ST_D HSMAU
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, if that
Characters/Pairings: Number One/Mia Colt; Number One/Chris Pike
Note: This fic is an unintentional companion to Pixy's Pike/Number One five times (unintentional in that we didn't mean them to fit together), which can be found here.

1. "That cutie from Temporal Mechanics is going to be serving with us."

Number One doesn't even ask her best friend how she knows who will be on the ship with them. Mia always knows. One will never figure out how she knows, but she does. Instead, she frowns.


Mia isn't fooled for a moment. She glomps One.

"You know, that cutie you've been head over for since day one. Pine, or Pole, or something."

"Pike," One says automatically, and then realizes she's fallen right into Mia's trap when the other girl grins at her. She switches subjects. "So what if he is serving on the same ship?"

Mia gives her that look that tells One she's not fooled, not one bit. "Well, aside from the view being nice now, you have a chance to ask him out."

"And why would I do that?"

"Because you liiiiiiike him," Mia taunts. "You want to kiiii~iiiiiissss him."

One rolls her eyes. "I'm not watching movies with you anymore."

2. "He's going to be on Earth in a few days."

"So what?" One asks with a shrug that's just a little too nonchalant to fool either of them. Mia reaches over and brushes a hair out of her eyes before kissing her once.

"So, are you going to see him?"

One shakes her head. "No, I'm not. He probably doesn't want to see me anyway."

Mia sighs and shakes her head. Between gossip from Cait Berry, Jose Tyler, and Phil Boyce, Mia knows just how much Chris Pike would love to see his former XO. Unfortunately, both are very stubborn and refuse to admit how much they love each other.

"Are you ever planning to see him again?"

"How old is Chrissie?"

"Five. As if you don't know it to the ninth decimal place."

"I'll see him again in ten years."

"Cait's right, One. You're both too damn stubborn for your own good."

"Come on, Mia. Would you really give up this thing that we have between us? Or are you trying to get rid of me?" She's looking playful now, and Mia can't resist her when she looks like that.

"I'm going to lose you to him one day," she says with a sigh. "Might as well enjoy this while it lasts."

3. "The Intrepid had a battle with some Klingons and barely made it out in one piece. A third of the crew was either injured or killed. It's limping back to Earth now for repairs. They had to send out a convoy to protect them and everything."

One pales at the news, and asks haltingly, "And among those dead? Was it... were there any with families that need to be informed?"

She wants to ask about Chris, if he's okay, but she stops herself. It wouldn't be fair to ask about one person when there were a good three hundred on the ship. She feels guilty about that, and resolves to tell every family if that's what it takes to make up for it.

Mia seems to read her mind though, and shakes her head. "Chris is alive. According to Boyce he broke his arm and fractured his ribs and refuses to stay in sickbay long enough to heal.

One smiles, despite how worried she was a minute ago. That's defitely their captain, all right.

"You should drop in when he gets back to Earth, give him a little TLC." Mia is just short of winking when she says "TLC"; One rolls her eyes and tries not to laugh.

"Yes, I'm sure that will go over well," she says. "Your brand of TLC would land him in Sickbay all over again."

"I always was a master of tough love," Mia replies, and this time she does wink. "But your brand of TLC is exactly what the doctor ordered."

She isn't lying. Boyce has said more than once that Chris would heal faster if someone could make him to stay in bed for a couple of days- and the only one ever able to make Chris Pike do anything has been Number One.

One considers what it would be like to see him again, and then remembers how pained he'd looked last time she'd seen him. She won't do that again, she won't be the one to hurt him.

She hacks Starfleet Medical's records as soon as the Intrepid is in dock and tracks his progress until he's better.

4. "I just heard that Starfleet has finally commissioned a new Enterprise."

One wonders- not for the first time- how Mia can be a mother and teacher and still find time to know more about the goings on in Starfleet than a woman who works at HQ.

"It's about time," One says. "How many years have they been promising it? But it'll take years to even finish the design specs. We'll be old women by the time she launches."

"Old women whose children have moved out and no longer need us to take care of them," Mia elaborates.

One can't help but smile at this. Mia maintains hope that after their children have moved on they'll head back up into space on the best ship the fleet has to offer, but One is more realistic. She knows that the fleet has no place for a couple of nearly fifty-year-old women who've unactive on Earth for the past twenty or so years. It'll take a miracle to get them anything better than a surveying vessel at best.

"Oh, I haven't even told you the best part!" Mia is excited again. One raises her eyebrow at this. "They've already got a shortlist of 'Fleet captains to choose from for the Enterprise, and guess who the poll favorite is?"

"When was this news even released?" One asks. "How can there be a poll favorite already?"

Mia handwaves this and answers her own question. "Right now, it's tied between Cuthbert Walker and Christopher Pike."

One's head snaps up at that news and she stares at her friend's face on the viewscreen.

"Are you serious?" she asks. It's not possible. She knows Chris is the best captain in the 'fleet, but he'll be pushing fifty by the time the Enterprise is finished. 'Fleet'll want new blood, a young captain- not necessarily as young as Chris had been when he got his first command, but certainly not someone approaching his second half-century, who'd had too much time to get stale and set in his ways.

Still, while Mia chats happily to her, she allows herself the chance to quietly imagine what it would be like to be on the Enterprise with him, his first officer once again.

5. "You'll never guess who the new teacher at EA is."

By this time, One knows Mia well enough to narrow down the list of possible choices to four, and since three of them would have called her about it long before, she already knows who it probably is. She sighs and asks, "Who?"

"It's Captain Pike, silly," Mia replies, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. (Which, actually, it was.) ""Fleet's giving him the Enterprise after all and he's planning to stay on Earth and teach a few years while they finish building it. Says he wants to try a 'normal' life for a while."

"Normal? What's that?" One knows EA. EA is not normal. "And how do you know that?"

"He told me. We had lunch after Archer's staff meeting earlier."

One suppresses the stab of jealousy she feels at that. She reminds herself that Mia was his yeoman once, and that they both left at around the same time. Of course he'd want to have lunch with her. And she knows Mia well enough to know that Pike is the only man she wouldn't make a move on, ever, out of respect to her friend.

Mia is watching her. She smiles.

"He asked about you, you know. Wanted to know how you were doing. Whether you were still on Earth. Whether you were single."

She stresses the last word but One knows she's probably reading into it what she wants to. After all, asking after someone you haven't spoken to in years- it's been since he was on DS2, she thinks, and that was ages- includes wondering if they've found someone to spend their life with. She shakes her head.

"Mia, if Chris wanted to be with me he'd have asked me out years ago. He's had plenty of oppurtunities to."

Mia sighs her 'I can't believe you actually expect me to fall for that' sigh and shrugs. "Whatever you say, One. Whatever you say."

And 1. "Mia, guess who I've got a dinner date with this Tuesday?"

Mia crawls over the guy she's been sleeping with lately- what's his name again? bah, too early to remember- to pick up the vidphone earpiece. Best not to wake what's-his-name.

"Who?" she asks groggily. One is looking far too awake for it to be seven o'clock, but then, she wasn't up half the night fighting her boss the werebeagle while trying to protect a bunch of kids from getting eaten by their principal.

"Chris," One answers in that infuriatingly matter-of-fact voice of hers. "He saw me when I picked up Chrissie last night and he wants to get together to catch up."

"Mmmm... how nice." Mia is happy for her. She is. But she's also half-asleep and One knows not to call her on Saturday's.


"Yes, One?"

"Do you even know his name?"

"When I'm awake I do."

"Ah." One pauses. "Go back to sleep, Mia. We can squeal over this later."

Mia smiles and hangs up the vidphone. "Knew they'd get it together sooner or later. She better let me be maid-of-honor when they get hitched."
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