November 26th, 2009

MB20, unwell



March 1- The beginning of that "OH MY GOD IS IT SPRING BREAK YET" lull where nothing happens and everyone is getting bored.

Luckily, Archer has just announced that, in lieu of the Copernicus trip this year, there is to be a three-part competition with another school in San Francisco - Botany Bay HS. All seniors are required to participate.

The competiton will be in three parts:, and if you've ever watched one of those camps where the fat kids beat the jocks, you know what's coming.

Part one will be athletic: One team of 5 people from each school will compete in a number of trackand field events. Botany Bay is expected to take everything except the actual running events. Because Pavel.

Part two is creative: One team of seniors will be in charge of designing, producing and otherwise creating a tribute to their school. This is a toss-up.

Part three is scientific: Each school will be building a shuttle. Pieces will be procured from the Fleet, and the remaining seniors will be expected to build a working shuttle craft. Points will be given for originality, but the teams can only use the equipment provided to them. EA should take this one, but BB has some tricks up their sleeves.

The prize? The winning school will be treated to a concert by "The Bleatles" - a new-wave band made up of sheep housing the DNA of the original Beatles. They're HUGE.

In addition, the winners will be treated to a tour of the almost-completed Enterprise, complete with a test run out to Saturn and back.

So, what team is everyone on? Who is going to throw their underwear at Sheep-Ringo? (And how can you tell Sheep-Ringo from regular Ringo? Is there a chart?) AND! What will happen if our Heroes go into space?


WARNING!!ON PAGE 55 THROUGH PAGE 57, there is a discussion of sex had by characters which may be construed as rape. If this is a trigger for you, please avoid the conversation between McKenna and Sulu.