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Christmas Baby Fic

For Ninjamod's prompt "HSAU: CARRIE/KIKI/CHRISSIE (wuth additional Tony, Pav and Spock): Babies first Christmas."


Title: Christmas Baby Fic
Author: kinkme 
Rating: PG
Fandom: STD

"Say Papa, Demora," Pavel asked, bouncing the gurgling baby girl on his knees. He was sitting on Carrie's beaten couch, covered by a large black blanket as if to cover its previous life. The side of the couch that wasn't occupied by shoeless Russian and his eleven month old daughter was covered with flashing toys, fluffy bears, and a few wooden rattles.

Pavel stared into his daughter's eyes, twitching his nose. "Pa. Pa. It is much easier than other words."

Demora happily chatted in baby sounds, the same enthusiasm and desperate informative quality of her papa clear in her babbling. Pavel sighed fondly, petting her on her head and cuddling her closer, chewing playfully on her taut stomach. Demora giggled and reached up to grab a handful of his graying curls, twisting them around her pudgy fingers.

"Ow - ow, Demora let go," Pavel winced, pulling back, but to no avail. "Karu! Karu, she is being your daughter again!"

Demora's pleased giggling echoed down the hallway and to the kitchen, where Hikaru was hovering over Caroline as she pulled the perfectly cooked turkey out of the oven. The smell was mouthwatering, Hikaru's eyes widening as he breathed in the smell.

"Wow. Looks great, Carrie," Hikaru commented. "We should really stay on Earth more often."

"Don't touch, Kiki," Caroline scolded, whacking Hikaru's outstretched hand with such force he yelped. "And if you think I can tear you and Pavel away from that ship of yours with just my cooking, it’s got more power than the Klingons and the Romulans combined.”

“Oh god, don’t, Carrie,” Hikaru stretched, letting out a long wary sigh. Caroline looked up, her face curious. Hikaru leaned back on the countertop, massaging his brow with a broad hand. “The amount of times I’ve begged Pavel to take Demora and settle back in San Francisco. Do Academy work. Take another degree. He won’t hear of it.”

“Quite rightly,” Caroline commented, basting the turkey again. “He’s as ‘Fleet as you are. Don’t be an overprotective idiot.”

“When have I ever been that?” Hikaru laughed, softly. Caroline looked up and waited for Hikaru to continue. “I just. I worry about them. I always do. It’s hard, trying to Captain when I know my Number One and my daughter could be gone the moment anyone gets a lucky shot.”

“Kiki, no more of that,” Caroline replied, shutting the oven and standing up. Hikaru waited for her scolding, looking up through his grey hair to Caroline’s stern smile. “It’s Christmas. Let’s forget about work. But I cannot believe that Pavel lets you call him Number One.”

Hikaru grinned. “I sprung it on him after he was fed up with me calling him Pasha on duty. You should have seen the glare I got.”

“I’m sure,” Caroline sighed, taking in the kitchen around her. “Right. Vegetables, on the go. Potatoes are cooking. Turkey’s almost ready. Gravy, check.”

“Where’s Mister G-Aaantonio?” Hikaru asked, looking a bit too innocent to cover the slip.

“Never going to get that, are you?” Caroline shook her head.

“Probably not. But I am trying.”

“He’s upstairs. Two hours into a comm with Lucy. Apparently, she can’t leave the lab,” Caroline didn’t hide the disappointment in her voice as she lowered her breath. “Breakthrough moment.”

“Aren’t they all?”

“Mmm,” Caroline added, noncommittally. Hikaru took the oven gloves off Caroline’s hands and placed them on the side. “Tony’s going to be hoping she turns up all day, though. He lives in a magical fairy world.”

“I have heard rumors,” Hikaru muttered. “Is Vin asleep?”

“Yeah, but I better go wake him up. He’s been whining for Demora all month.”

“Oh, clearly. He hasn’t had his first word yet, right?”

“No. No, we’re still racing on that, Kiki."

"Pavel might tape Vin's mouth up at this rate. He keeps telling me 'Hikaru, I had my first word at eight months. These are your horrible American genes affecting our child.'" Caroline laughed at Hikaru's impression, including hand gestures and stern expression. "Anyway, you saw how red he went when T'Shanik had her first word while Dem was still finding her feet."

"Vulcans have their words far earlier than humans," Caroline interjected, ushering Hikaru away from the cake and towards the kitchen door. "Even quarter-Vulcans will have a head start."

"Yeah, you tell Pav that," Hikaru winked.

The doorbell went as soon as they reached the front room, Hikaru quickly rushing forward to untangle his daughter from his husband's hair. Demora cackled madly as Pavel swore, Hikaru gently pulling her away as he coaxed her tiny fingers out. Caroline shook her head, groaning an "Oh, Kiki" before reaching the door.

She opened it, smiling at the Chapel-Spock's, Christine clutching a very quiet T'Shanik to her chest, a thick white woolen hat slammed over her head. Saavik stood just in front of her father, her purple coat done neatly up, her hair neatly clipped back, revealing the tiny points of her ears. Spock loomed behind of her, his hands clasped behind his back.

"Carrie!" Chrissie squealed, holding out her arm to cuddle her close. Caroline responded as close as she could without squashing the quarter Vulcan child, although she wasn't sure T'Shanik would complain. She had never heard her more than whine. "Oh, honey I've missed you. Are Kiki and Pashy here?"

"In the den," Caroline waved her through, Chrissie banging her shoes free of snow as she leaped in, squealing happily at her step-foster-brother and his husband.

Saavik stood in the snow, as did Spock. Caroline walked away to give them room, Spock walking in, ushering Saavik in front.

"Thank you for your hospitality, Caroline," Saavik announced, neatly freeing her shoes of snow in a pile on the corner of the welcome mat.

"Always a pleasure, Saavik. How are you, Spock?" Caroline asked, petting Saavik gently.

"Acceptable, Caroline. I trust we arrived on schedule?"

Caroline looked at her chronometer pointlessly. "Of course, Spock. And I better go get Vin. Go guard my other niece from your wife's cheek pinching nature, will you? Kiki will be very angry if her face goes permanently red."

Spock paused until Caroline was halfway up the stairs. He turned around to face her, ushering Saavik into the front room.

"Caroline, I assume you are exaggerating? I doubt the repeated irritation of facial tissue could in fa-"

"Spock," Caroline interrupted, Spock quietening instantly. "Spock, just, go."

Spock nodded and followed Saavik into the room. Chrissie sat next to Pavel on the couch, gently toying with T'Shanik's clasped hands as she cooed over Demora. Demora reached out and grabbed T'Shanik's ear, T'Shanik going a little green with embarrassment.

"No, please, Demora," T'Shanik asked, her voice tiny in the room.

Pavel glared. Hikaru rolled his eyes and sat in the chair next to Spock. Saavik looked at her father until he picked her up and placed her on his knee. Hikaru sighed and put his head in a hand.

"How many words?" Hikaru asked, with little interest.

"Twenty," Spock announced. "Three in the Vulcan language. And Demora?"

"She gurgled something which sounded like 'candy' a few days ago. But then she threw up, so," Hikaru sighed. "I'm not really worried. To be honest, the longer she wants to not talk the better."

"Is this in anyway related to the incursion of the other timeline while we were still attending Enterprise Academy?"

Hikaru looked through his hand at Spock, who had an eyebrow raised. "Uh. Yeah. A bit. I mean, we didn't ask many questions about childhood. It'll just settle my head better if her first word is something in Standard. Or, you know. Something not rude in Russian. I mean, your daughter's name might be T'Shanik and I trusted Joe with our own genetic information, but I just want to be sure."

Spock nodded. "It is logical to ensure that the timelines have been separated through experimental observance."

Hikaru opened his mouth to continue but stopped as Demora, again, reached for T'Shanik's ears. T'Shanik repeated her denial, wiggling a little on her mother's lap.

"Demora, she's just a little sensitive with her ears," Chrissie explained, pressing Demora's button nose as she peeled her hands away. Demora giggled. "She likes you really."

"Demora," Pavel asked, carefully. Demora looked up from her seat on his lap. "Your papa would like you to stop doing that. Me. Your papa."

Demora seemed to consider the words for a second, opening her mouth. Hikaru's fingers tightened on his chair, leaning forward. Pavel nodded a little, his eyes widening and a smile playing on his lips.

"Da, da, what is it, Demuska?"

Demora opened her mouth and let out a huge hiccup.

Pavel frowned and clasped Demora closer to him as Hikaru snorted a laugh. "Stop laughing, 'Karu."

"Oh come on," Hikaru laughed. "Demora knows exactly what she's doing."

Pavel worriedly petted her hair, clasping her close to his chest and whispering solid Russian into her ear. Hikaru shook his head.

Caroline pushed open the door with her shoulder, carrying Calvin on her shoulder. Demora practically squealed at the sight of him, stretching out her hands and grabbing the air. Calvin wriggled out of Caroline's grip as she offered him to the couch, Pavel holding onto a squirming Demora as she gripped tightly onto Calvin's clothing.

Demora squeaked excited baby at Calvin who returned the favor. T'Shanik quietly watched from Chrissie's lap, looking up at her mother as if asking for permission to play. Chrissie kissed her on the forehead and placed her in the corner of the duo, carefully positioning herself to allow T'Shanik to join in on the conversation with blinks and quiet contemplation.

Caroline collapsed on the arm of Hikaru's chair. Hikaru nodded to his PADD, which he was already composing on. Caroline laughed and brought out her own, battered and in well need of a renew.

Sender: Sulu, Hikaru
Recipient: McKenna, Caroline

I think Pavel thinks we have a stupid baby.

Sender: McKenna, Caroline
Recipient: Sulu, Hikaru

If your baby is stupid, so is mine.

Sender: Sulu, Hikaru
Recipient: McKenna, Caroline

But your baby doesn't have Pavlovna in the middle of his name. She needs to be a genius. Nothing less.

Sender: McKenna, Caroline
Recipient: Sulu, Hikaru

Our babies can be stupid together. Shan can be smart enough for the both of them.

Sender: Sulu, Hikaru
Recipient: McKenna, Caroline

Vin is going to be such a heart breaker. If you let him lead my baby girl on, you know you'll have two very angry fathers.

Sender: McKenna, Caroline
Recipient: Sulu, Hikaru

I think there's more of a likelihood of your daughter taking advantage of my son. Look, she's all hands.

Sender: Sulu, Hikaru
Recipient: McKenna, Caroline

Maybe history will repeat itself and he'll come out to you in fifteen years?

Sender: McKenna, Caroline
Recipient: Sulu, Hikaru

What, and then I'll have to chase him away from underage skirt-wearing minxes?

Hikaru snorted and Caroline smiled. There was a thump outside the door and Caroline quickly walked outside. Hikaru heard soft talking and smiled, catching Pavel's eye and motioning towards the kitchen. Pavel nodded, gently propping Demora up with a pillow and catching Chrissie's eye. Chrissie smiled knowingly and took charge of all three babies, who were happily playing with the toys she was offering.

Pavel quickly slipped out, Hikaru following close behind. Once in the kitchen, Hikaru wrapped his arms around Pavel's smaller frame, letting Pavel curl inwards and let out the sigh Hikaru had been sensing was building up. He gently rubbed circles on Pavel's shoulder blades, humming contentedly in the warm glow of the oven.

"I don't want to have ruined our child, Hikaru," Pavel muttered into HIkaru's shirt.

Hikaru snorted. "Hey. Come on, Pasha. You'd never do that. She's just dealing with my horrible American genes, remember?"

"Oh, Hikaru," Pavel said, looking up with those eyes Hikaru had never really been able to describe satisfactorily. "Our first Christmas as a family, and I am worrying about a word."

Hikaru gently kissed him, tugging him closer, and absorbing his warmth. "Then don't. We don't worry, for the whole day. Okay? Then we go throw snowballs and forget how old we are."

"Urgh, do not say old. I have those reports due and I'm su-"

"No work!" Hikaru swatted Pavel around his head, earning a grin for his trouble.

"I love you," Pavel muttered, looking up. "I know you love me too. And I love our daughter."

"I love everyone here," Hikaru announced, smiling. "And look, I'm saying that sober. Wait until Mr. G cracks open the wine."

The peace held for a few more minutes until they heard a high pitched noise which was instinctively drilled into their souls as Demora's wail. They bolted for the door, breaking it open and pausing as they observed the sight.

Demora and Calvin were belting each other with the wooden rattles, not enough to hurt, but enough to make them both yelp. Completely accidentally, Calvin landed his rattle on Demora's, and with neither willing to move arms, it was almost stalemate. Hikaru noticed that Caroline and Antonio opened the door. Chrissie was in peals of laughter as a furiously giggling Demora held her wooden rattle against Calvin's.

Hikaru caught Caroline's eye and winked.

Caroline beamed.

Chrissie shared T'Shanik's gentle bemusement. 

Pavel, Spock and Antonio shook their heads and almost simultaneously muttered "musketeers."
Tags: fic, hsau, just sharing

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  • Pavel Andreievich Chekov would like you to know that

    Нижнее белье с космическими кораблями на нем была изобретена в России. I miss you guys...

  • Desperate Bubbles is Desperate.

    Okay so here's the thing. For the last month or so, maybe more, I don't know, I've been digging through our old games, looking for a specific…

  • Oh god. Oh god. That shirt.

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