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So, since we now have over 10,000 comments on the damn HSAU, it seems about time to talk character. I'll keep this updated as a guide of sorts, for people to reference when they want to play. Here is the trick: You need to keep an eye on it! I might miss things. I will miss things. But if there's something about a character you need added, leave it as a comment.

And for now, write up bios and I'll add them because Jesus Christ there are a lot of characters here.

Birthdate (w/o year):
Close Friends:
Important Traumatic Events:
Important AWESOME Events:
General Life Timeline:

Tell me who I am inevitably missing:

Jonathan Archer

Name: Christine Chapel
Age: 17
Birthdate (w/o year): May 20th
Family: No siblings.

Mother - Number One. (Actual name impossible to say.)

Father - José Tyler. Basically this. Had an First Officer/Navigator relationship with Number One after a sex planet thing and knocked her up. Really had no interest in Number One outside being close friends (think canon Uhura/Chekov relationship. "I VILL HELP YOU CARRY YOUR SHOPPING!") Loves his daughter, but feels like a kid himself.

Not-really-stepdad - Pike

Not-really-stepbrother - Oh Pavel

Close Friends: Spock is now basically her other half, but Caroline is her best friend out of everyone. She hasn't known her as long as Kiki has, but considers herself as close (hasn't talked to her in a while because of her undying love for Spockykins.)

Did love Kiki at a time, and hated him for a while for being so distant. Loves Pashy like a sheep-haired brother.

Important Traumatic Events: Her grandmother. Hated being a crap Betazoid. Was in space for a long period of her life, with romantic books for company when her parents were on duty. Was a bit of a slut until she met Spock, but she's over it now.

Important AWESOME Events: Getting *~*~*~*~*MARRIED*~*~*~*~* !!!!

General Life Timeline:
In space with her mother until she was nine, then her mother retired to Earth.
Dated Kiki once and lost her virginity to him (and he did to her, I forgot to put that in his biog), alongside every other person ever.

Name: Pavel Andreievich Chekov
Age: 16
Birthdate (w/o year): 14th Feb

Family: Father is Andrei Victorevitch Chekov, now retired as head of the Bratva and living under another (undisclosed) name. Pavel was brought up by his father & his father's unmarried sister, Elena Victorovna Chekov. His mother, Marta, died when Pavel was younger and he is an only child. Worth noting is that Marta had cancer, and did not die as a result of the Chekov's gangland operations.

Close Friends: Weeeell, he worries about that. He's closest to Kiki, since they're all TWOO WUV an' all, but he gets on well will Carrie and is okay with Chrissie and is good friends with Scotty, although they haven't seen much of one another lately.

Important Traumatic Events: Getting kidnapped at 13 years old, killing his kidnapper, shooting a guy, shooting another guy, escaping to the US only to have his foster parents killed by enemies of the Bratva, going on the run, getting ceti-slugged by Marla at Prom and nearly dying... I think that's his lot.

Important AWESOME Events: Coming to the US to go to EA at the age of 14. Since then: making friends with Hikaru, watching films with Hikaru, going to the beach with Hikaru, kissing Hikaru, going to New York, having SEX WITH HIKARU, and he secretly quite enjoyed his trip to Copernicus once he got used to Kiki not being there.

General Life Timeline: Horrible lonely priviledged misery until he arrived in the US, followed by non-stop excitement and the sudden discovery of a truly fearsome libido.

Name: Elizabeth May Dehner
Age: 18 (physically stuck at 17)
Birthdate (w/o year): August 26
Family: Gerald and Marie Dehner, both researchers for starfleet mostly on planet but very busy, no siblings

Close Friends: Close is relative term for her. She dates Marla but doesn't trust her. She's frenemies with Gary and sort of friends with Vincent after helping him when Gary took off. Also has a sorta vicious older vamp who watches her back most of the time.

Important Traumatic Event: Became a vampire late July before senior year. Was changed on accident by Miller her then boyfriend. He freaked and left town. She hated him for it and the change and bloodlust was so awful that she killed him next chance she got (late September). She has killed six people, Miller, a hunter and 4 victims including her first.

Important AWESOME Events: Getting Gary and Vince back together at prom, Sex with Marla, She would also classify her kills are awesome events, especially the hunter, Graduating in the top ten of her class.

General Life Timeline:
Born and raised in San Francisco. Was never close to her parents, she was raised by a nanny primarily. Has been terrorizing(and being terrorized by) Gary since he moved there in gradeschool. Used to get along with people better when she was younger but has always been a bit of a queen bee. Spent most of highschool being prissy and a bit conceited. Had a couple friends in her year who she bossed around until the change, but she withdrew after becoming a vampire. Intends to join Starfleet eventually, but plans to head out east and get a degree first in the meantime because of their vampire issues.

Name: Vincent Robert (pronounced Ro-bare) DeSalle
Age: 18
Birthdate (w/o year): 12 March
Mother; Nicole DeSalle. (Maiden name Gessard). Living at home.
Father; Anton DeSalle. In space, doing the Starfleet thing.
Cousin; (On his mother's side) Jean-Luc Picard.
Close Friends:
Gary Mitchell. Since he was turned and stopped his long time friendship with Kirk. He trailed around the Mitchell-Kirk group, but was never that interested in the pranks they pulled. Admired Mitchell for being strong and confident and (perhaps too quickly) jumped on the chance to be his protector when he was turned.
Liz. Counts her as a companion. Isn't very sure what constitutes a friend.
Important Traumatic Events:
On-and-off again relationship with Gary.
Been hospitalized due to low blood pressure a lot.
Recurring nightmares about wanting to be turned, but when he is in the dreams, Gary leaves him because he can't feed from him anymore.
Can't decide whether being with Gary for eternity is worth the pain it will cause Gary.
Would never take Marla's offer because it's not a case of being turned. It's who does it. And that person has to be Gary.
Important AWESOME Events:
Going to Copernicus. As much as he bitched, he enjoyed time away from the responsibility of looking after Gary.
Being told he's smart.
Getting good, solid grades after hard work.
Being told by Archer he's going to walk the Starfleet entrance exams.
General Life Timeline:
Moved from France when he was fifteen. No accent because French is a dead language and he spoke Standard throughout his education in Calais. And only rarely French at home.
Worked at the Kindergarten since he moved, helping out with foreign language students (his cousin who came over at the same time) and those who need a little extra help. His mother is an administrator at the school, so she put in a good word.
Started to become Gary's donor when he was seventeen.

Name: Richard "Ricky" Langley Ensyne
Age: 16
Birthdate (w/o year): Sept. 3

Mother: Elayna Ensyne, sexual assault advocate, public speaker and lecturer, usually away at conferences.
Father: Johannes Victor, deep sea researcher. More of a sperm donor than a father, though Ricky has met him a couple of times.
Sister: Nene (unless I already named her and forgot...) (13). Scary.

Close Friends: Caroline McKenna, whom he calls "Carr." They dated at one point, but it ended amicably. Kevin Riley, for the past 3 years. To some extent Sulu and Chekov.

Important Traumatic Events: Highschool in general. Enterprise Academy still intimidates Ricky, as the proportion of weird there far exceeds what he hopes for in an educational experience. Also, considering the IQ of most of his class it makes him feel even more inadequate than usual, as Ricky's only smart, not genius level. Being generally clumsy and cursed with interesting luck, he tends to end up in the hospital a lot.

Important AWESOME Events: Kev Riley agreeing to go out with him. Managing to be useful occasionally.

General Life Timeline: Moved to San Francisco with mom and baby sister when he was four, entered EA at age 14. Plans to enter StarFleet as a security officer.

Name: Gaila
Age: 17
Birthdate (w/o year): July 10
Her (step)dad: He totally has no name.

Her mother is Neras:

Close Friends: Scotty, Jan Rand, Jim Kirk, Len McCoy, Chrissie Chapel

Important Traumatic Events: Childhood spent on Orion was pretty bad. When she was moved to Earth she was teased mercilously by her peers. Trying to fit in she painted herself beige and dyed her hair red. She was teased even more. She ditched the pain, but kept the hair and now it's become her favorite part of herself. Her mom died shortly after they arrived on Earth when she was 11.

Important AWESOME Events: Leaving Orion and moving to Earth with her stepdad and mom. Getting into EA. Finally meeting someone who can listen to her rant about SCIENCE and who has an open mind concerning sex.

General Life Timeline: Spent childhood on Orion. Smuggled out with her mother by her stepdad and moved to Earth when she was 10. Spent four years studying anything she could get her hands on. Got into EA when she was 15 (as a sophomore) and feels like an outsider for not having had started freshman year with everyone else. Despite having been teased she trusts everyone. Inspired by her stepdad to join Starfleet, and plans on officially taking his last name before entering the Academy.

Name: Antonio Bernard Giotto
Age: 35
Birthdate (w/o year): December 12
-Father, Nicolas Giotto (age 7o)
-Mother, Marietta Giotto (age 58)
-Brother, Rinaldo Giotto (age 39)
-Daughter, Lucy Chiara Giotto (age 7)
-Son, Benjamin Rafael Giotto (deceased; would be aged 4)
-ex-wife, Vivian Green
-Grandparents, Bernard and Willa Giotto, three nephews
-three sisters, unnamed (deceased)
-son/godson, Anthony (aged 18)(Anthony is actually Tony's biological child, as he acted as sperm donor after his closest childhood friend was discovered to be sterile; the information is on a need-to-know basis and as far as anyone is concerned Anthony is Marcus's child. However, he's the spitting image of Tony when he was that age, so uh, yeah, it's gonna come up if we do the summer edition.)

Close Friends:
Chris Pike (they have a bromance and once very-nearly-almost did it); Jon Archer, a former instructor at the academy and his boss; Dave Galloway, his former assistant chief of Security from the Potentate and Lucy's godfather, who relocated to Earth along with half their force after his discharge; Vivi Green, his ex-wife and one of his childhood best friends, also the mother of his daughter; Caroline McKenna, love of his life

Important Traumatic Events: -His parents had three daughters after he and his brother were born; the first two were stillborn and the third never developed fully and died before she was a month old. (his parents decided not to try anymore after that because it was killing Mari physically and emotionally and THAT is why she only had two kids.)
-When he was seven, on a ship going to Vulcan with his family, the ship was boarded by SPACE PIRATES and he was kidnapped because as the son of a highly respected diplomat and the grandson of one of the most economically influential men in Italy he was considered a walking fortune. (being rescued by Starfleet Security was what initially interested him in joining Security; his Father's outer calm while negotiating his release as a distraction was what led him to study emotional control on Vulcan.)
-Raised partly on Vulcan. That... kinda covers it.
-Went to a betazed wedding at age eleven with his father's delegation. Saw his brother naked and met Lwaxana Troi for the first time.
-At age 25, then boyfriend Ben Lowery proposed; that same day, the two were assigned to a landing party. The party was attacked by natives, unbeknownst to them, and Ben moved at the last second, taking a hit that had originally been aimed at Tony. Because of interference, they were unable to get him up to the ship and he bled out on the surface. Tony blames himself (for bringing Ben along, for being the one aimed at, and for not knowing enough to be able to save him in time.) He took a month of personal leave as a result and returned to Earth, which is when he and Vivi met and married.
-an accident involving the death of the child of the ruling family on a first contact mission led to his discharge; despite that Starfleet cleared him of any fault he blames himself for it.
-After his discharge, he and Vivi's marriage started to suffer. They still tried though, and had a son, Benji, who was killed at four months old in a crash that also nearly killed Lucy. He and Vivi split for good shortly after that. He doesn't like to talk about it.
-nearly having sex with his best friend

Important AWESOME Events:
-Lucy. Nuff said.
-Getting into Starfleet
-ironicly, the SPACE PIRATE incident, because it led to his eventual career choice
-becoming a teacher at EA
-meeting Chris and realizing that Dave Galloway is undyingly loyal to him

General Life Timeline:
-entered Starfleet Academy at age 18 under command track
-graduated at rank of Lt. jr grade, was promoted to full lieutenant within the year. Served his first tour on the patrol ship Fission Chips.
-after returning from his leave following the Ben incident, he was promoted to Lt. Commander, due to his excellent control of the situation (he remembers it differently) and transferred to the slightly-less-cramped Illustrious Potentate as Assistant Chief of Security.
-after a classic noodle incident, which he fudged the report on, the current Chief took early retirement and he got the job. He made Galloway his assistant chief and this lasted three years before his discharge. In that time, he had the best record in the entire fleet for number of crew deaths.
-As part of the terms of his honorary discharge, he was made a full commander. He relocated to Earth, where he tried to console his failing marriage with Vivi. After the divorce, he took a job at EA teaching and the rest, shall we say, is history.

Name: Bruce Nathaniel Green
Age: 15
Birthdate (w/o year): May 21
Family: Fathers: Landon (43) and Chaska (45) Green. Both Architects.
Sister: Tala Marie, 12
Both Bruce and Tala were adopted - technically they're not related, but whatever, their family is awesome.

Close Friends: Tala. Will Hadley and Jimmy Jackson. Idolizes Jim Kirk a little.

Important Traumatic Events: Had the sex-pollen idea at the prom, and is pretty sure it's his fault that McKenna and Chekov almost died.
Once, when he was ten, he was practicing his baseball swing outside and Tala stood to close and he hit her, knocking her unconscious. She was fine, but he's never really forgiven himself for not seeing her.

Important AWESOME Events: Being assigned Jim Kirk as his upperclassman mentor.
Getting a sister.
Meeting Jan Rand.

General Life Timeline: Adopted at 6 months, got a little sister at the age of three. He would do anything for her - don't tell his friends, but they're probably best friends..
Wants to be a navigator and helmsman when he joins the fleet.

William Hadley

Jimmy Jackson

Jim Kirk

John Kyle

Leonard McCoy

Name: Caroline Louise McKenna
Age: 17
Birthdate (w/o year): October 31
Father: Sean James McKenna, 55 - Lt. Commander on the USS Hood, Navigator.
Mother: Genevieve "Genny" Rose McKenna (nee Johnson), deceased. Would be 54 if she had survived.
Brothers: Matthew Sean McKenna, 28 - Stationed on Starbase Earhart.
Calvin James McKenna, 24 - Hospitalized

Close Friends: Kiki Sulu and Christine Chapel since forever.
Joe Tormolen when they were younger, not so close anymore.
Jim Kirk

Important Traumatic Events: Mother died when she was three.
When she was fifteen, he father went back into space for a few years while he was there, Cal suffered a mental break from a zombie attack and has been hospitalized since.
Attacked by ceti eels at prom.

Important AWESOME Events: Being with Tony pretty much tops her list, right now.
Also won several fighting tournaments on a team with Kiki.

General Life Timeline: Youngest child by far - 7 years between her and Cal, 11 between her and Matt, she was always a little spoiled by the men in her life. And then they all left her for very valid reasons, but she still has issues with it.

Marla McGivers

Name: Gareth Lloyd Mitchell
Age: ~18 (permanently 17 AND HE HATES THAT HE HAS THAT IN COMMON WITH EDWARD I'm so mean to poor Gary)
Birthdate (w/o year): September 26
Family: Mother: (whose name I don't remember)
Brother: Jake Mitchell (Jakobo, called Jakito by his mother)
Father: Jacob Gareth Mitchell
Worth noting is that his paternal grandparents are American and Japanese, respectively

Close Friends: Vincent DeSalle (gaspshockHORROR!), Janice Rand, once had a close friendship with Jim Kirk before the whole 'vampire' thing happened, also has a manfriendship with Singh and a grudging friendship with Joe; he also has a bind with Liz that is best described as 'stepsibling'

Important Traumatic Events: his parents divorced when he was ten (Jake was an infant) and his father moved back to Spain, he was turned into a vampire when he was seventeen, his mother kicked him out of the house and won't allow him to see his brother, Vincent breaks up with him on a regular basis

Important AWESOME Events: meeting Vincent, meeting Janice

General Life Timeline: Born in New Madrid, Spain, his family moved to San Francisco when he was eight due to his father's job, his parents divorced and his father returned to Spain (ironic, given that his father was American and his mother Spanish), his mother raised him and his brother single-handedly until he was turned, when she kicked him out in favor of protecting Jake. He now lives in the Rand basement for the remainder of the schoolyear, and will be figuring out something else after that.

Name: Number One (real name unpronouncable)
Age: 46
Birthdate (w/o year): June 29
-Lwaxana Troi, mother
-Christine Chapel, daughter
-Deanna Troi, sister
-Ian Troi (father, deceased)
-Chris Pike (future husband)
-Pavel Chekov (future step-foster son)

Close Friends: Chris Pike, obvs, Amanda Grayson, Vivian Green

Important Traumatic Events: None specifically, other than her father's death and her mother in general.

Important AWESOME Events: Having Christine, getting promoted to first officer, meeting Chris

General Life Timeline:
-Born on Betazed but raised on both Betazed and Earth
-joined the Academy after graduation on Sciences track, switched to Command after acing the basic command course with above average results
-joined the Yorktown and began working with fellow cadet Chris Pike (he graduated a year before her); she had a crush on him but never planned to do anything about it
-had Christine as a result of a sexual encounter with a crewmember (Jose Tyler) and left the ship; she left the fleet completely sometime later (she plans to rejoin after Christine graduates)

Name: Christopher Robin Pike
Age: 48
Birthdate (w/o year): Jan 8
Family: Joshua and Willa Pike, (currently deceased) Mother was an architect and Father was fleet, no siblings
Pavel Chekov, Foster son
Number One, future wife
Christine Chapel, future step daughter
Close Friends: Number One, Tony Giotto, Phillip Boyce,

Important Traumatic Event: Parents died in an accident when he was 23, about a third of his first year as a captain,

Important AWESOME Events: Various awesome adventures at the academy/in Starfleet, Number One, Getting chosen to captain the Enterprise,

General Life Timeline:
-Born and raised in Mojave, enrolls in the academy immediately at 18. First assignment as a beta shift pilot for a year.
-Joins the Yorktown at the same time as Number One and a few other young officers. Works up rank to lieutenant commander by 26, an incident happens (a version of these events) that almost kills his career, but he is cleared of charges, recieves commander rank and becomes acting captain of the Yorktown shortly thereafter. Appoints Number One as his XO. Receives actual captain rank at 28. Proceeds to captain things for way too many years and avoids living on earth for too long.
-Starts teaching at EA at age 43 after some persuading from Archer, meets Tony and starts the bromance. Accepts commission to captain the Enterprise when it is finished, continues teaching in the meantime. Becomes Chekov's guardian and starts relationship with Number One shortly after the halloween dance of insanity. Intends to propose to Number One within the year.

Name: Janice Alma Rand
Age: 17
Birthdate (w/o year): June 10
Family: Mother: Jennifer (42), chef.
Father: Jameson (40), computer technician in Los Angeles. He commutes.

Close Friends: Joey Tormolen, buddy and occasional woobie. Gary, buddy and woobie. Gaila, galpal and fuckbuddy/girlfriend. Caroline, galpal and project. Christine, galpal. Scotty, fuckbuddy/boyfriend. Nyota, galpal and ex-fuckbuddy. Jim, buddy and ex-fuckbuddy. Pav, woobie. Hikaru, woobie. Ricky, Raj, Vinny, Spock, Giotto, attached to friend-circle, to be taken care of when necessary. Archer, favorite teacher-crush. Ms. Nichols, other favorite teacher-crush.

Important Traumatic Events: Not much... Finding things out after the fact.

Important AWESOME Events: Knowing everything. Developing personal information web.

General Life Timeline: Born and raised in San Francisco, Jan has been taking college courses in her spare time since middle school, and intends to joins Starfleet after graduation from EA to go exploring and possibly to enter the diplomatic core later on.

Kevin Riley

Name: [Data Error] Spock
Age: 18
Birthdate (w/o year): March 2
Family: [Data Error] Sarek, Amanda nee Grayson,

Close Friends: Hikaru Sulu (they share eyeliner), Caroline McKenna (he actually considers her his best friend after Kiki, but she doesn't realize it), Christine Chapel (soon to be family? he's in love with her and wants to marry her but is worried that they are rushing into this and she will have second doubts and LEAVE HIM.) His diary.

Important Traumatic Events: Born on Vulcan, spent some early years there (pretty much long enough to convince himself that he was a freak of nature). Moved to Earth and was super excited about it; scarred for life upon discovering he was just as weird there as he was on Vulcan. He was excited to meet Jim Kirk, but was horrified by his personality upon actually encountering him. He's still very jealous of Jim's easygoing nature and ability to befriend (?) people despite the fact he utterly despises the way he wastes his talent by sleeping around with half the school and picking up felonies like dropped pencils. Having marriage forced upon him and not even having a chance at proposing the way he had planned.

Important AWESOME Events: Moving to Earth, befriending Christine Chapel, Hikaru Sulu, Caroline McKenna, and (by extension) Pavel Chekov, Janice Rand, et. al. Subsequent kindred-spirit finding, falling in love, zombie attacks, etc. no matter how chaotic and disasterous have made him happy he chose to atted EA because he is finally starting to feel like he ~*~belongs~*~

General Life Timeline: Born on Vulcan and lived there until he was 12. Moved to Earth and decided to attend EA and studied like a maniac to get in, even though he was already ahead of his peers. He's been excelling at his studies at EA (but has slacked off a bit since making ~*~friends~*~) but is unsure if he will actually go into Starfleet or please his daddy by going back to Vulcan to join the Science Academy. Currently engaged to Christine Chapel and scheduled to marry her in two weeks-ish time.

Name: Rajell "Khan" Noonien Singh
Age: 18
Birthdate (w/o year): February 23
Family: Father: Arik (63) doctor.
Brothers: Raakin (30, deceased), Malik (25) mercenary.

Close Friends: Joey Tormolen, whom he regards as his pet geneticist (and boyfriend). Butch-fellow-man-things with Gary Mitchell.

Important Traumatic Events: His brothers' fighting, which eventually led to Raakin's death. The existence of James T. Kirk. Former girlfriend/consort Marla McGivers (after dumping for unmitigated and completely useless amounts of crazy) trying to strike back at him.

Important AWESOME Events: Having a pet geneticist, beating the crap out of Kirk.

General Life Timeline: Born in India, but spent much of his life in Arik's San Francisco house. He visits a couple of times a year. Goals: Rule Earth, with opportunities for further expansion once it's under control.

Name: Hikaru Walter "Don't f***ing call me Kiki" Sulu
Age: 18
Birthdate (w/o year): December, 13th (San Francisco, Earth)
Family: Three sisters. Asako (four), Hina (six) and Mai (seven).

Mother - *grabs a name* Julia? Housewife.

Father - George. (YES MY MENTAL IMAGE OF HIS FATHER IS TAKEI, I ALREADY SAID HE HAD A BEST FRIEND CALLED WALTER.) 'Fleet doing something biological, but been assigned on Earth since Mai was born.

Close Friends: Caroline since, like, forever. Chrissie, but they have more of a talking-during-class relationship ever since their breakup. (Don't date close friends.) PAVEL CHEKOV DUH. Used to be Jim Kirk's bitch until Gary and him started to pick on Pavel and he told them to fuck off.

Important Traumatic Events: Every day since this HSAU started. Not really any. Thought his dad had died for a week when he was seven because of dead communications. Still thinks the 'Fleet is the thing.

Important AWESOME Events: Won several fencing tournaments, youngest competitor in San Fransisco's junior judo championships, won everything (apart from the school's 400m) sporting-related at EA and kicked zombie ass more than once.

General Life Timeline:
Born and raised in San Fransisco.
Dad was away on missions periodically until he was eleven.
Straight into EA from the first year.

Name: Josiah Eric Tormolen III (Generally called Joe or Joey, and nobody apart from Janice and the school board knows his full name)
Age: 17
Birthdate (w/o year): January 9
-mother, Lindy Tormolen (nee Todd)
-father, Josiah Eric Tormolen II
-one sister, Kathleen Tormolen (age 1o)

Close Friends:
-Janice Rand, best friend
-Rajell Singh, boyfriend
-Gary Mitchell, a grudging respect (Janice throws them together and they live with it)
Used to be good friends with Riley but they drifted apart when they got older, same with Caroline, though he does tend to look after her (or try to, anyway)

Important Traumatic Events: Has confidence issues stemming from childhood, often bullied and has a pillbug reaction to danger, was in a mild shuttle accident at the age of seven that nearly killed his then-baby sister, his friends were nearly killed by Marla at the prom, which kick-started a total nervous breakdown (it still hasn't happened but it will), had a bad experience with a butter knife when he was young that he doesn't like to talk about

Important AWESOME Events: Meeting Janice, working on the science fair with Raj, which began his interest in genetics, going out with Raj, which was a confidence boost

General Life Timeline:
-born and raised in San Francisco
-his father is a hotel inspector and mildly homophobic, his mother is a housewife and a little more open-minded than her husband, though she disapproves of Joe's relationship with Raj.
-entered EA on a scholarship, and doesn't believe that he's really good enough. He has one of the top GPA's in his class. (somewhere in the top ten, specifically.)

Lwaxana Troi

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  • Desperate Bubbles is Desperate.

    Okay so here's the thing. For the last month or so, maybe more, I don't know, I've been digging through our old games, looking for a specific…

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